About Us

Having worked in Southeast Asia and sponsored more than 40 projects since 2005, SEALNet has planted the seeds of service leadership in countless youth service leaders in the region. With driven passion, many of these youth leaders have established themselves as some of the most prominent voices of service in their community and have in turn inspired us at SEALNet to continue the work that we do.

Recognising this powerful strength in our young counterparts, Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) was introduced in 2013, seeking to bring these like-minded youth together for a week-long service leadership summit. There, they shared their works, widened their perspectives, and grew alongside one another in hopes of future collaborations that will drive our region forward. YLS proved to be a success when in summer 2014, its alumni executed four projects, namely: Project Brunei, Project Malaysia (Kuala Selangor), Project Malaysia (Batang Kali), and Project Vietnam. This year, SEALNet is excited to host its third YLS.

With the objective of transforming our participants into ready and able project leaders for the year 2017, the following application is targeted for first to third year university students – or one year prior to graduation – of Southeast Asian nationalities and ethnicities who are passionate about our region and its development and who are driven to turn their service project ideas into reality.

We highly encourage past SEALNet members to apply and get reconnected with SEALNet and our extensive network in order to prepare and become future service leaders.

The central theme this year is sustainable service leadership.