Mit Jyu 2016


A collaboration between SEALNet and Youth Thinkers’ Society: 2-weeks sustainable development project in Nepal (October 16-31)

Tarigaun, Jhagajholi is a village located in Sindhuli District of Nepal and about 140 kilometers (3-4 hours drive) from Kathmandu. The village is largely inhabited by Hayu families, an endangered indigenous people of Nepal.

During the earthquake in 2015, all 17 Hayu families along with other villagers lost their homes. Almost a year has passed since the earthquake hit Nepal but these villagers have not received any help from the government to rebuild their lives. Although villages nearby are starting to rebuild their houses, the villagers in Tarigaun are still living under temporary houses made of CGI sheets.

We have put together a diverse team of 16 young people (university students & young working professionals) from all over Southeast Asia and Nepal with diverse academic backgrounds (Economics, Computer Science, Law, Architecture, Sociology, Community development, etc.) with a common goal: to create social change around the world.

In 2-weeks, using design thinking methodologies, we will work on identifying existing problems that the villagers in Tarigaun are facing. Together with the community, we will design sustainable solutions that answer their problems and needs.

We have identified the field we are working in as sustainable materials for the reconstruction process and we want to ensure that we engage the community’s input in our solution. We want the project to be community-driven. We see ourselves as supporters for the rebuilding efforts for the village.

Bigger picture: 

Rebuilding a village is not just about rebuilding houses. With this 2-weeks project, we are starting with the most basic necessity for the villagers – a  safe place to live in. However, we don’t want to just stop here. This 2-weeks project is part of the bigger dream of our partner organization, Youth Thinkers’ Society who will continue working for the community.

Youth Thinkers’ Society dream of empowering the villagers, especially youths by giving them access to the world, starting with a computer lab.

Armed with a computer and internet connection, youths in Tarigaun can get their foot into the world of possibilities as they gain access to better education and network with other young people from Nepal and the world.

We need your help in bringing this team of 16 young people from all over Southeast Asia and Nepal for this project.