Project Cambodia’16 – Siem Reap

PC16 – SR focuses on tackling human trafficking through community empowerment. The team did sing the melody of love, as one talented team member (Yanbo Fang) wrote a beautify song, “I will Survive”, dedicated to one of the beneficiaries of their project: the at-risk children of human trafficking in Cambodia.

From August 8 to August 21, PC16-SR brought together 18 mentees from Cambodia and Vietnam to be equipped with leadership competencies in the first week at Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, and in the following week, the project interacted and provided workshops on Human Trafficking to 80 community students from Techo Hun Sen Angkor Chum High School and Self-Help Community Centre. The project revolved around two traditional pillars of SEALNet: service and leadership

  • (Week I) Leadership Component, including personal development workshops (build personal values), social landscaping workshops (build social awareness), & community-based action workshops (build an action-oriented mindset)
  • (Week II) Service Component,which focused mainly on the awareness about human trafficking for the local students in the underprivileged community. The contents included workshops and interactive activities (e.g Sweatshop Simulation, Human Trafficking Quiz)  in the purposes of enlarging the knowledge of human trafficking to the community.

Check out the video recap below to better feel these activities in motion!

Last but not least, let’s hear some final reflections from the team and local students:

I remembered how excited I was to be able to join the SEALNet PC16-SR although I did not have a clear understanding of the actual activities that I was going to involve with because I knew for sure I would get out of my comfort zone and learn new things. I was so amazed at how closed I felt with others on just the first day of the project. By being a part of this wonderful journey, I realized that I was so busy that I did not even notice what my favorite ice cream flavor was. Thanks to the SEALNet people, I got to know more about myself. Also, with the help and encouragement from all of the mentors, I felt so empowered and supported that I realized I could actually do as much as others could. Due to the cooperation from the SEALNet mentees, I felt I was needed the way I needed others in the team to work to get what we wanted. I did not remember how many times I viewed our photos and recalled all those good memories and caught myself smiling alone throughout this one month and a half period. I knew two-week time was not long, but i was already bonded with the spirit of SEALNet.

Taing Laing, Phnom Penh

Despite the end of project, I miss mentorship the most. Within the journey, you always have someone mentor you, guide you, advice you, support you, listen to your voice, correct you for your wrongdoing. At outside world, you will never find this group of amazing people who mentor you when you are at your lowest or you need that support and encouragement…Journey with PC16SR may end in a very profound way; we even separated by geographical area; however, I do believe that WE ARE ALWAYS CONNECTED.

Roth Darapheak, Battambang


Thank you PC16-SR for another fulfilling SEALNet journey <3

If you are interested in gaining a more in-depth view of the project, read the full project report here & check out the project FB page. 


Image source: PC16-SR FB Page