SEALNet Club HCM & Ha Noi

Seeded and nurtured purely by the SEALNet calling that some mentees from PV14 (HCM) and PV15 (HN) had internalized, SEALNet Club HCM & HN were formed to sustain SEALNet presence and impact within local communities in the two big cities of Vietnam. “Organic” is perhaps the best word to describe the growth of these two clubs, since there is no top-down supervision or  systematic support for them to operate. These young minds just want to continue the work of SEALNet projects on a smaller, more local scale, as the SEALNet spirits in them are still burning strong.


Club members from HCM & HN in the

The summer exchange program consisted of two parts:

  • 06/07-10/07/2016: HCM club members went to Ha Noi to explore Ha Noi and participated in meaningful activities coordinated by Ha Noi club ( Tan Ap project: igniting the love for learning through scientific lessons; Panacea project: reading books to hep reduce stress of child patients)
  • 11/07- 14/07/2016: Ha Noi club member went to HCM to visit HCM and joined in both bonding and community activities organized by HCM club members.

Let’s hear more  from Khanh Nguyen, current SEALNet HCM Club president (fourth girl from the left in the picture above), about her memorable experiences in this program:

Where does the idea of this exchange program come from?

The idea came about when we knew that there would be no PV for 2016. Everyone was sort of sad and disappointed, because we really like the impact and connection that PV14 & PV15 have created. So we want to reignite the connection and the SEALNet Spirits by arranging this summer exchange program to help the clubs get to know each other more, as well as strengthening our connection. And also for the two clubs to know better about different regions of Vietnam.


What’s one most memorable moment through the two weeks for you?

It’s the reflection on the last day of the exchange program. Everyone from HCM was working very hard and we were very nervous because we wanted to make sure that our Ha Noi friends felt welcome, and that their time was well-spent in the city, but we didn’t know for sure how they were feeling. During the reflection, it became clear that they were very appreciative of the little things that we do, every little aspect of the journey , such as taking them to the bus stop, the post office, or Ben Thanh market, etc.

I was both relieved that not only our work paid off and that the exchange program was a success, but also because of the excitement in the reflection, where everyone came up with different ideas to maintain our connection after the program, like writing letters, creating fan page to connect those who did not have the chance to go. Everyone was really nice and open to sustaining this new friendship. I have never felt SEALNet spirits so alive across individuals from different regions of Vietnam.

How does this experience shape your SEALNet spirits?

To me this summer exchange program really highlighted the leadership network part of SEALNet. We really connected over the two weeks, shared our activities and mission, also our growth for the future. It made me personally feel like there will be always someone by our side, that we are not alone in our journey & our mission, that there is another club out there on the other side of Vietnam who is always willing to support us. I can really feel that the SEALNet leadership element is alive, and that we have a network of young people who share our passions and goal to help the community, to motivate and thrive with us.

Thank you so much for your sharing! Hope SEALNet Vietnam CLubs – HCM& HN will have another fruitful year of connection and collaboration <3 


Image source: SEALNet HCM Club FB Page