SEALNet Project Indonesia 2018

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, said Nelson Mandela. Education is indeed important. Being educated, we are informed about the world around us. We are able to tell between good and bad. We know how to reach our potential and fulfill our dreams. We grow to be competent citizen to develop society in a way that no one has ever imagined.

Education can be both informal and formal, and one cannot go far without one another. Formal education is a luxury, and not everyone can afford it. To the students in Srinanti village (North Kalimantan) at the border area between Indonesia and Malaysia, that chance is even smaller. Only 59.9% of children of schooling age attends school, and they spend averagely 8.49 years in school. Most of them end up getting jobs in factory or getting married, which manifests the never-ending vicious cycle.


However, 2015-2035 is a turning point for Srinanti village. The “2015-2035 National Industry Development Master Plan” for North Kalimantan will bring about massive change in the region’s economy. Following that strategic development, SEALNet Project Indonesia 2018 aims to empower the students at Srinanti village, North Kalimantan to pursue higher education. With a series of workshop to discover their passion, provide information on higher education opportunities, and the establishment of a community to manage the local reading park, we aim to show them education matters, and they do have the ability and resources to better their future.


In addition to service work with Srinanti village, under another pillar – leadership – we aim to nurture a new generation of service leaders from the mentees of Tarakan and mentors (project members) from across the world. Their passion and commitment to service will serve greater people in the future.