SEALNet Project Philippines 2018


Mental health is a commonly misunderstood aspect of a person’s entire well-being. The conversation on mental health awareness is a growing issue in the Philippines. There is then a need to push this conversation into concrete ways of spreading information and raising awareness about the realities of mental health. This can be done through community and school based mental health awareness projects.

Project Philippines 2018 aims to address this need by empowering young leaders to conduct mental health awareness projects in their communities and schools. The project works towards mental health awareness through youth empowerment. First, it aims to educate students about mental health and mental disorders, essentially making them more mental health aware. Second, the project will equip student leaders with leadership and project management skills so that they will be empowered to organize their awareness projects in their own schools and communities. This project aims to start ripples of change and awareness among young Filipinos and Cambodians.