SEALNet Project Vietnam 2018

One of humanity’s basic desires is pursuing happiness. Humans have their own way of defining their “happiness” and none of those are alike and comparable. It takes a lot of stages to pursue happiness and an important one would be Autonomy. To be autonomous means to be capable of connecting with oneself (1) and to establish healthy relationships with the surrounding world – which includes human and non-human factors (such as nature and animals) (2).

Project Vietnam 2018 aims to create a safe and innovative space where we believe that autonomy and well-being could be experienced by applying Social Emotional Learning and Alternative Schooling methods. We believe that applying meditation, SEL, artistic workshops and so on would give us better space to understand ourselves, understand others and appreciate everything that happens in life. Project Vietnam 2018 will provide a wide range of tools to enhance your personal experimentation of these two methods.