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Cambodia has won the award of “World’s Best Rice” for 3 consecutive years (2011-2013). Despite this fact, more than 30% of Cambodian children are malnourished and more than 20% of the population is living without access to safe drinking water – majority of which are in rural areas. Children, being most vulnerable, suffer many consequences – most seriously stunted growth. Malnourishment and unsafe drinking water also hinder the development of rural communities and fuel the poverty circle.

In a two-week period, Project Cambodia 2017 aims to make a change by reducing the effects of these two issues on the villagers in Kapheim and Kork Reussey, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Our approaches included providing (1) basic education on nutrition and hygiene, and (2) clean water access to the people in the Kapheim Kork and Reussey communities. The project will follow SEALNet model, with the two components of service and leadership, which revolves around (1) organising educational seminars on nutritional intakes, (2) implementing a sustainable, clean water model in the villages, and (3) conducting trainings intended to increase capacities of local high school students – the future leaders in their communities.


  • For service component, there will be nutrition education outreach and clean water outreach. We aim to provide interactive workshops and seminars to local villagers, including parents and children to understand more about the importance of being nourished and hygienic. We also plan to provide a clean water model/solution to the families in the villages.


  • For leadership component, there will be interactive workshops provided to local high school students (mentees) to increase their leadership capabilities including skills in club organising, fundraising, communication, teamwork… Together, we also set to understand more and deeper about these issues and effects; So that, at the end of the project, the mentees are empowered to continue our works or take leads in addressing other causes in their home communities. Simultaneously, there will be one-on-one mentorship in which mentors, who are passionate international university students, will be matched and paired up with mentees ensuring the personal growth purpose of the project.

We deeply appreciate and welcome your financial support. Every dollar donated will be a contribution in making this project happens.

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