Its location is unknown. One thing for certain, with that little green sprout, it will grow into a big tree soon. The tree will then flower. After flowering, there will be drupes. The tree will drop their drupes. The drupes will be washed out to the ocean and travelling with waves. Until one day, they crash on a beach, a shore, or some place faraway to germinate, grow into a big tree, have flowers, and produce their own drupes. Coconut tree gives humankind benefits for every part of itself: food, crafts, furniture, even for worship. It can be found almost everywhere in the world.

It is the inspiration behind YLS16’s central theme: sustainable service leadership. We plan to connect and transform passionate Southeast Asian youths – who are willing to step up, to lead, and to serve their communities – into ready and able project leaders after the summit. We also hope that through our unique curriculum, we will be able to inspire our participants (in turn being inspired by them) and nurture their passion. So they will continue with community service in the many years to come, not only in their home communities but also all over the world similar to some of the SEALNet alumni.