Donate to YLS 17

Dear Friends and Family of SEALNet,

You are our closest allies and dearest friends, and we want share with you our excitement and passion on our work with SEALNet’s Youth Leadership Summit 2017 (YLS17).

Each of the organizers of YLS17 had our lives changed through our experiences with SEALNet, and it is likely that you had a part to play in this transformative experience. We find ourselves coming back to SEALNet because of the bonds made and genuine belief that our projects are instrumental in driving a unified region forward.

The team had a fruitful retreat in Thailand, December 2016 to plan and set the vision for YLS17. During this retreat, we have collectively expressed our desire to reconnect with our SEALNet friends, especially through YLS17 that we are so passionate about. Thus we would like to invite you on this journey with us, the easiest and most tangible way would be via monetary support.

In return for your support we would love to offer the following:

  • $20 donation: A postcard with personalized thank-you note from our us and our participant
  • $ 50 donation: a YLS17 t-shirt
  • $ 500 donation or more: Name and logo featured on our materials or social media pages.
  • $700 donation or more : Logo featured in YLS17 and our future projects materials or social media pages.

Please note that you will be donating in SGD.